Vaihtoehto Eskolle

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Finns love science, but according to the most recent Science Barometer, most of them can only name one living scientist. That's astronomer Esko Valtaoja. Both his work and ability to popularize it have brought joy to science lovers for decades.

But there's only one Esko, and even he doesn't know everything. And why should he? The country is full of researchers – tens of thousands of them! – of all research fields. It's time to give Esko a break and present some options.

We encourage you to participate in the conversation! Let everyone know who your favourite researcher is (and you can obviously name yourself) on Facebook and on Twitter utilising the hashtag #vaihtoehtoeskolle.

The campaign is a non profit project by Helsinki-based science communications agency Kaskas Media. It's funded by the Helsingin Sanomat Foundation and several other Finnish foundations.

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